Make-Up for Face > Perfect Cover Natural Essence Nutrient Foundation 9g

Naturally Nurturing Care, A special blend of essence and foundation

A special blending of essence and foundation to help deliver a complete flawless and smooth make-up all day long. The essence comprising of Vitamin E and natural plant extracts, visibly display like a band of lollipop provides anti-ageing and skin brightening properties to impart skin with a moist and caring touch. Its talc free foundation gives extra coverage and has sebum control factor to absorb excess sebum for a for a perfect and natural finish.

Natural Nutrient Creamy Foundation that give skin an instant hydrating glow with superb shine & lustre. Provides protection against UV rays of the sun.

  1. Non-oily & heavy texture, skin feeling light & fresh after apply
  2. Perfect sebum control foundation to absorb excess sebum
  3. Brighten face, covers pores and blemishes flawlessly
  4. SPA 33+++, whitening, anti-wrinkle. 3-in-1 multi-functional foundation with essence moisturiser
  5. Evens skin tone & significantly reduce the visibility of the fine lines & wrinkles
  6. Conceal dull & fatigue complexion (Touch up partially)

Direction of Use:

Apply an appropriate amount onto a puff and apply evenly on the whole face.