Make-Up for Eye > Eye Allure 9ml

Want the Most amazing long lashes?

Made from dry cellulose fibers infused with Panthenol & Pro-Vitamin B5. Eye Allure is a fast acting formula that adds volume and helps strengthen lashes. Your lash become incredibly full, thick and healthier looking in seconds.

Eye Allure is dry and must not be applied to lashes alone. It should be used by sandwiching between coats of mascara.The first coat of mascara gives Eye Allure a base coat while the second coat of mascara seals Eye allure to your lashes.

Eye Allure is easy to remove with regular eye make-up remover.

"… Simply too Good to be True …"


  1. Stop using if skin is allergic.
  2. Rinse eyes with water if irritation occurs.
  3. Suitable for contact lens user.

Your friends will envy your long, luscious lashes