Brand Story

The brand name 'Gowa' it the compound word of Korea 'Goa' which means gorgeous, elegance, alluring & appealing.

Gowa is Nature, Gowa is Beauty, Gowa is Technology

As the saying goes, beauty comes from nature. And thus, technology creates beauty from nature. Gowa empathize all that is nature, beauty and technology. Gowa is a unique line of essential natural beauty products that combine nature, technology and ancient beauty secrets to create flawless lashes, brows, makeup and beautiful radiant skin. Researched and formulated in Korea, Gowa' futuristic formulations are prepared with nature's finest ingredients creating the most innovative top grade products.

Gowa delivers amazing products and results with effortless elegance. The products offer high performance, barely-there textures that are highly wearable. The collection is infused with plant, fruit and flower extracts to soften and protect the skin.

Natural Look, Natural Feel, Naturally based, Nature-inspired

  • G = Green
    Natural beauty products from plant, fruit and flower extracts that promotes the green concept
  • O = Original
    Inspired from nature beauty care products for your effortless elegance
  • W = Wonderful
    Gowa range of beauty care products creates and opens up a wonderful and captivating world for all to see
  • A = Aesthetic
    Aesthetic design and revolutionary packaging from Korea that pleased the eyes

Gowa is Effortless Beauty

We aim to simplify your beauty routine daily, allowing you to have visible, highly satisfactory results with minimum effort using only a few essential, multi-functional, high performance products. Effortless Beauty products are naturally inspired, and not tested on animals.

Minimalist Beauty Essential

"Many women like the minimal make-up style because it allows them to embrace their natural beauty, being a great time saver, an important attribute in today's fast paced world".

Target Age Group

"Women In Their 20s, best time to prevent sign of aging”
“Women in Their 30s, to stop fine line from becoming visible”
“Women in Their 40s to prevent further moisture lost and retain youthful glow”
“Women in Their 50s to firm and lift up sagging skin, lighten skin spots”

Benefits of GOWA

To improve Problems from:

  • De-hydrated, Wrinkles, Aged, Sagging and Dull Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Dark Spot

Back to Natures Ingredients

Aloe Vera for superior skin hydration, anti-inflammatory, soothing and antioxidant.
Chamomile for soothing, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory & relaxation.
Olive Oil for anti-aging and skin lightening.

Applied Technology

Derm Age is a Fast-Acting Anti-Wrinkle Ingredient,combines with Bamboo Silica, pea extract & glucosamine in a synergistic complex that increases the production of collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid, and skin renewal. Thus improve skin texture and significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

“Facelift Without Surgery”
“Non-Surgical Alternative to Botox & Restylane”
Skin Looks 7 Years Younger in just 2 Weeks
Skin Looks 11 years Younger in just 4 Weeks
Reduces Laxity by 50% in just 4 Weeks

Oxygen Complex – synergistic complex of yeast extract, marine glycogen and vitamin C derivative that has been especially developed to coach the skin into optimizing energy production'. Oxygen Complex helps to restore energy and vitality into dull skin, to prevent early skin aging and recover the skin's youthful energy.

V Lift is an innovative active ingredient with remarkable lifting and tightening effect. It combines its lifting action with anti-aging activity as it increases collagen synthesis, so there is a dual action of immediate improvement in skin appearance and anti-aging.